Monday, 14 November 2016

Dressing my Boys and Supporting Small Businesses

Ever since I found out Fionn was a boy, I was disappointed every time I walked into a clothes shop.

Not least because I worked in Monsoon Accessorize at the time, and they have the most adorable clothes for little girls, but are quite limited and repetitive for Boys. The same goes for Next and Asda and Tesco. Even H&M and Zara.

But I wasn't going to let that stop me. My friend introduced me to a lovely little online boutique, ran by Jas, a Momtrepreneur with three little people, and excellent taste in boys (and girls and unisex) clothes.

I can't wait till I can get Daithí
into these French BullDogs.
They remain one of my
favorite pieces to date.
At the time SewKuddley was relatively small with only a few hundred followers, but even in the time I've been shopping there it's grown massively. As has my obsession.

It started with a pair of leggings for Fionn. 'Won' on one of the market nights on Facebook. They're fun, and encourage me to spend WAY more money that I should/ Shane knows.

Then more leggings, and shorts, and jumpers were added to my collection. All packed safely away ready to be passed down when they got too small. It didn't even matter too much if I had a girl, quite a lot of SK stuff is unisex, and trends differently depending on how they're worn.

Once I found out I was pregnant again, I got to shop matching fabrics. Anchors, Feathers, and Fionn's favorite Panda Leggings. He will pull his and Daithí's from the laundry pile and insist they both wear them. Obviously I oblige, because they're so freaking cute!!

I may have got slightly carried away when Jas introduced Matching Mummy Leggings! I just couldn't resist. This time it was Candy Skulls for the three of us, I'm just raging I didn't get a matching head band for me too.

I regret NOTHING!!

As a mother working somewhat from home, I also enjoy supporting other small businesses. I've decided I'm going to get as many as my Christmas presents as possible, supporting small and local traders. 

Excuse me while I go place my next order.

P.S. enter 'OHBOY' at the checkout for a 10% Discount! x