Friday, 13 January 2017

belated Christmas and a positive new year...

I've been quiet the last few weeks because I've felt like I  haven't been able to write. I had some negative things said to me after my last big post, and have had things I opened up about thrown back at me in an argument, and I started to question what's the point.
I realise though that kind of is the point. I'm being as bluntly and as brutally honest as I can and that's going to rub some people the wrong way, but because I genuinely believe in what I'm writing, I have to just accept, that putting yourself out there in a public forum,will result in a mixed-bag reaction.

Christmas was lovely, exactly as we planned. Shane had a whole week and a half off work, and decided not to go in for any over time like he normally does. Because we have no idea where we'll be or what situation we'll be in next year, we figured the best thing to do was to just spend some quality time together as a family. I can tell you it was much needed.

We stayed in the UK again this year, we don't normally go home for Christmas. It isn't that big a deal to my family, and it's way too stressful in Shane's.  So we stayed, and chilled out. Lots of food, drinks, days out and movies cuddled up on the sofa.

I continued to go to Slimming world, I think even that helped limit the damage to 9lbs, Two weeks off plan, eating and drinking anything and everything I wanted, I don't think that's too bad. Time to draw a line under it and get back on plan 100% it's the only way.

New Years Eve I did something to my back. I was pulling Fionn off Daithí and it just went, I dropped him on the sofa and fell to the floor. All these stores you read of heroic toddlers who call 999 for their injured parents, yeah Fionn is not ever going to be one of those kids. I couldn't get to my phone, so just had to wait till Shane came home, and took me to out of hours. The lovely cocktail of drugs prescribed to me, drastically reduced when I told the doctor I was breastfeeding. So after congratulating me for still going strong at 10 months, she reduced my dose of everything and sent me on my way.

I had a suspicion I had Diastasis Recti, meaning a separation of the abdominal muscles, a condition common in pregnancy, particularly so with transverse babies. This was confirmed for me, and she presumed that my back has been over compensating as a result of total lack of strength in my core. There's little I can do, but I have spoken to a post-pregnancy personal trainer, so hopefully I'll have a plan of action soon

I digress, the New Year has me feeling positive and excited for the year ahead. I've made four resolutions to myself, and writing more, ignoring the criticism that comes with it is one of them. So with any luck you'll all be hearing more from me in the coming months.
*sorry for lack of pictures, I am anxious to get this first one out of the way to I can get back to writing properly*

S x